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5 Clever Wedding Table Number Ideas

Pondering how to make seating arrangements fun? One way to make them less predictable is to get creative with your table markers, for example, using destinations. This prompts immediate conversation and can also be woven into reception activities! If you already have a theme for your wedding sorted out, incorporating it into table markers should be straightforward. However, if all this wedding chaos has been overwhelming, or creative touches simply aren’t your strong suit, let us help you with some clever inspiration!

Tip - While assigned seating certainly isn't mandatory, most couples do opt to create a seating chart so guests can easily locate their table!

I. Destinations

Highlighting destinations you and your significant other have visited or are special to you, might just be our favourite way to spice up assigned seating! Your guests will learn a little bit about where your relationship has taken you, from street names to cities or countries, scatter your loved ones around tables named after places that have meant something to the both of you.

II. Significant Dates/Years

This should be an easy list to compile - think of the most significant days, dates or years from your time together as a couple, accompanied by an excerpt or photographs!

III. Drinks

If you’re a cocktail kind of couple known for mixing up signature drinks, feature your favourites as table markers. Alternatively, you could commemorate vacations you once took, using drinks native to the location. For example, “Manhattan” for New York, “Aperol Spritz” for Italy, “French 75” for France, and so on—subtext can be fun to play with!

IV. Music

We all have songs that are particularly special to us, even nostalgic... so what better way to share the soundtrack of your love than through your wedding tables? (And then obviously on the dance floor.) Have your guests humming in their heads with markers named after albums, artists, or songs!

V. Florals

Roses are red, violets are blue, and naming tables is up to you! With this version of assigned seating, you could incorporate a variety of flowers and plants into your centrepieces. Weddings and floral arrangements go hand in hand, so this idea would inevitably add to the ambiance of the space too! For example, each table can feature a different flower (peony rose, hydrangea, tulip, orchid).


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