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Welcoming the New Year! Highlighting Wedding Features for Every Season of 2023

Without a doubt, a wedding is much more than just a date or season, for the couple and guests. We have been in awe of stunning ceremonies and receptions year-round! Plus, guests are much more likely to remember our stunning venue, your intimate ceremony and lively reception - than the date you choose. No season is better than another to tie the knot, so we’re here to highlight the features and considerations of each!



While January is one of the least popular months to host a wedding, this makes it both more affordable and unique! Most likely you’ll be able to cut down costs not only on your venue and vendors but also on any travelling for guests and your honeymoon. In addition, some couples like the symbolism of new beginnings that come along with New Year’s, but whichever January wedding date you choose, make sure you take full advantage of winter themes!

February is automatically attached to a season of love, so when better to have a romantic wedding? Use the excuse of an early sunset to start the party early and keep it going through the night! Plus, although we are often quick to assume that cool temperatures are limiting, it actually allows for more creativity. If you want an outdoor winter ceremony, you can have one — you just need clear tents, portable heaters, blankets, and maybe some hot apple cider or mulled wine!



Spring has sprung! Think fresh florals, greenery… romantic pops of colour that nature bursts with at this time of the year. It is no surprise that spring is one of the most popular seasons of the year to get married, so prepare to book in advance if you want to secure a weekend date! That said, if you’re planning to have a larger guest list, spring is a smart and safe time of the year because you aren’t competing with any major holidays that could bring friends out of town. This allows you to send out your invites a little later if needed, and you can still expect lots of yes’s!

If you want a controlled and dependable environment in terms of the forecast… good luck, because you’re choosing to go with a toss-up of a season! An indoor-outdoor venue like ARRAS is perfect for accommodating weather changes, as we have stunning ceremony and

reception spaces for rain or shine!



Summer days are hard to beat, and summer nights are even harder. Considering daylight extends beyond 9 p.m. depending on the month and area, this allows for greater flexibility in scheduling a ceremony time. Furthermore, there will be no rush to get all your photos taken in a short time frame, and the weather generally stays comfortable in the evening - not to mention the beautiful, colourful summer sunsets! An extra bonus - floral availability is in perfect timing, there are flowers for every colour scheme and it’s in perfect bloom, which means your arrangements will be to die for!



September is one of those great in-between months, so you can get away with calling it a summer or fall wedding. This means that you have double the options for attire and décor. Draw from traditional summer or fall styles, or take the best of each season and really make it your own! When it comes to weather, fall is great as it is dependable and predictable, you will generally know what to expect and can plan around it months in advance. Play up fall themes, use gorgeous, warm fall colours in your attire or décor, and take advantage of the natural scenery surrounding ARRAS!

  • The trees outside our Ballroom transform into stunning shades of red… highlight nature by incorporating complementing tones like bronze, orange, deep purple, scarlet, and green.



If a white wedding, candles, and dimmed lights are all you’ve dreamed about since you first got engaged, you can have all of them — and more. A winter wedding is a perfect time for intimate, cozy, and classy details that you and your guests will enjoy together. Embrace winter by tastefully featuring the season through decor, florals, and menu – white accents against rich, warm tones, hot welcome drinks, outdoor firepit… the opportunities are endless!

  • “Have plans A-F ready to go! Winter weddings have the tendency to be higher-risk events when one considers travel delays for guests and possible weather issues. We suggest all our clients be prepared for wind, rain, snow, and flight delays and think about the ‘what if's.” – Vogue, 2022

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