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Creative Wedding Party Entrances

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

At your wedding reception, honouring your closest friends and family by having them introduced during the grand entrance is a must! Fun entrances are memorable and set the tone for the evening, but you want to be sure they are done right and don’t make your wedding party feel uncomfortable or awkward. While there are no set rules as to how your wedding party should be introduced, it would be wise to consider following some guidelines that will provide order on how to go about it, the choices you have in introducing them and their entrance.


First, provide your MC or DJ with a list of names of your wedding party so that they are given time to practice pronouncing their names and the order that they will be introduced. Part of organizing is choosing the right song/s, as they can be used as background music or the main component of their introduction. Another vital part of organizing is a timeline, for your MC or DJ and wedding party, so that everybody is on the same page. For example, you need to plan what will transpire between the ceremony and the wedding party entrance at the reception.


What is your style as a couple and as a group? It’s important that you nail the kind of entrance you want. Would you like it to be unique, or more traditional? Regardless, you and your spouse should encourage your wedding party to plan something fun for the big entrance. Don’t be afraid of veering away from tradition, we love when couples switch up the order of the wedding party’s entrance. For example, you and your spouse could enter first and join with the rest of the guests to cheer on your wedding party as they come in. Another option is to not let your wedding party come in pairs. Instead, let the bridesmaids enter as a group and the groomsmen as a separate group. Lastly, give your wedding party the liberty to choose the music they want for their entrance so they can express their individuality.


  1. Dance-Off

How: This is a grand entrance that makes a statement! Choose the perfect dance-off song, then allow groomsmen to enter first as a group, followed by the bridesmaids. Facing each other, each couple is introduced followed by a dance right in the middle of the group. Finally, the newlywed couple is introduced and dances in the middle of the wedding party. The groom can lead his groomsmen to a dance number followed by the bride leading her bridesmaids to a dance number too.

  1. Sports Fanatic

How: Are both of you into basketball? Or is your spouse a basketball professional? Then a fun idea is to have your wedding party introduced just like how the NBA announces the starting lineup, or do a particular team’s ‘tunnel walk’.

  1. Choreographed

How: You can choreograph a dance routine and have your wedding party tango, waltz or even line dance their way into the reception hall. Give your wedding party the liberty to choose what kind of dance they want for their entrance!

  1. Spotlight On

How: Your wedding party will come out one by one. Each person enjoys their moment of stardom as the MC or DJ denotes facts about them. For this, be sure to gather the following in advance: hobbies, occupation, what they are most known for, weird habits, where they can be most likely found on a Saturday night. Don’t include all this information for each person, just choose a unique or impressive detail or two that you find funny and memorable.

  1. Just For Laughs

How: Want to prank your crowd? ​​One of the ways to make a hilarious wedding party introduction is for your wedding party to trade outfits. The bridesmaids enter in suits, and the groomsmen change into cocktail dresses/gowns. Should you choose this type of introduction, be sure that you have the appropriate audience.


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