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Wedding and Event Music Don'ts

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Nothing distinguishes a good party like music. The energy for the night is set, whether it be a live band, background acoustics, or a DJ mixing top hits, music undeniably brings the party. DJ aside, curating the perfect playlist is no easy task, so to assist this process we have noted a list of vetted wedding and party music don’ts to consider and avoid.

DON’T Dismiss Live Music

Love live music and have a bigger budget? A band might be your perfect pick! That said, bands tend to have a set amount of songs available, which may be too limited. For a tighter budget, DJs can support specific requests and better interact with the crowd, gauging songs that are hits or misses! Don't dismiss either because you assume a band will go over your budget or a DJ will be inappropriate, options are infinite, catering to personal preferences and music styles! Live music provides the perfect atmosphere for a party like none other, after all, what better occasion to splurge.

DON’T Stick To One Genre

Although you may solely listen to classic rock, five-plus hours of Fleetwood Mac and Journey might drive some guests up a wall. You're sharing this day with family and friends, so save more obscure favourites for the honeymoon or home playlists, and let your band or DJ play a mix of songs that please all. An amalgamation of old and new hits is hard to go wrong with, no matter the crowd.

CONSIDER Exorbitant Volume

Realistically, your wedding reception or celebration isn't the place for nightclub-level volume. Not only will it frustrate your older guests, but there are also volume limitations that the venue must abide by. Whether you do it yourself, are hiring a DJ, or band, it is crucial to make a timeline with volume requests, corresponding to different events of the evening. It is customary to have lower volume during cocktail hour and dinner (like instrumentals), but afterwards can be pumped up, queuing more upbeat music. Lastly, don’t forget to choose a ‘last song’ to end the party to!

CONSIDER Do-Not-Play Lists

Wedding reception or party, it is always a good idea to communicate with whoever is officiating music for the event and go through songs you do not want played. You can also make a list of must-play songs, but if you decide to use a band instead of a DJ, give them plenty of time to review your picks, in case they have to add a song to their repertoire. Once you've handed over the lists, leave the rest up to the pros!

Inappropriate Lyrics

Nobody can please everyone, especially when it comes to music, so to stay on the safe side ask that your DJ or band keep it at least PG-13 during the reception. Clean versions of songs are readily available and are a safe alternative!


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