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Wedding Reception Entertainment

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding an unforgettable event for your guests, but inarguably, the best way to leave an impact is with unique reception entertainment and activities. Having something planned, even a surprise, in addition to a live band or wedding DJ, is valuable as it keeps your guests occupied, and provides options in addition to dancing the night away!

Fewer and fewer couples are following traditional wedding reception activities, like a first dance or a cake-cutting ceremony. Mix things up at your reception by including one (or more) of these fun and memorable ideas.

Photo Booth

First and foremost, photo booths are the most popular form of wedding reception entertainment for a reason! They are affordable and create lasting memories of your special day, for both you and your guests. While you can organize a DIY photo booth, you’ll save a lot of time, money and sanity, by hiring a professional group that produces high-quality photos at a similar cost.

  • Tip: If your budget doesn’t stretch for a photo booth or you want to try something more hands-on, get a few Instax disposable cameras with packs of film for your guests to use throughout the night. Setting out an empty photo album to fill with the evening's shots and well wishes is a bonus!

Vegas-Inspired Performers

Bring the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas Strip to your wedding reception with singers, dancers, and acrobats. An extravagant production is perfect for couples who want their reception to be a lively party!

Pop Up Casino

Planning a lavish wedding or event with guests that love to gamble? Then having a pop-up casino will fit your theme perfectly. In addition to or instead of gifting drink tickets to guests, hand out poker chips to start off the games!

Drag Performance

For a younger or less conservative crowd, consider sharing your crown for the night with a drag queen. You can even have your favourite queen MC in your reception, guests have died for this unique idea - even at other kinds of parties and events!

Mariachi Band

Guests love to dance? Nothing beats a surprise live mariachi band - no one will want to leave the dance floor!

  • Tip: Hire a local group to support up-and-coming artists!


First things first, serenading your partner with a love song is a must. Once you sing your heart (and potentially dignity) out, invite your guests to sing their favourite songs!


For the art and fashion enthusiast, a caricaturist is a fun way to create long-lasting memories. A custom portrait is a rare wedding favour that will set your party apart from others.

  • Tip: While this activity is perfect for smaller guest lists, large receptions may require hiring multiple caricature artists to avoid long lines...

Arcade Games

Bring the arcade to your party by renting out the most popular video games, pinball machines,

and more!

  • Tip: This is a hit for almost any crowd, but especially for parties that want a fun alternative to dancing.


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